Voice guidance for electronic devices (recorded and synthesized voices)

We provide professional service of generating voice guidance for all types of electronic devices (e.g. PBX systems, IVR systems, other various computer bases systems, kitchen appliances, medical appliances, alarms, various home electronic devices, etc.).

Our service is available for:
- recording of real voice for all voice prompts
- synthesizing of all voice prompts (text to speech)

Recording of real voice for voice guidance is available in any language.

Synthesizing of voice guidance is available in limited language range (only most used world languages).

Please contact us for further details or for any request.

Most significant references:

PlexTalk PTP1 PTN2

PlexTalk devices PTP1 and PTN2 for blind and visually impaired users - translation from English to Croatian language, recording and editing of all voice guidance prompts.