MEC Video Surveillance

MEC Video Surveillance is a concept of sophisticated software within specially selected hardware that enables limitless number of USB, WiFi and IP cameras to be connected with most advanced security surveillance.

Key features of MEC Video Surveillance are:
- deployable in any type of PC hardware (even old PC)
- works with limitless number of cameras
- works with any type of cameras USB, WiFi, IP (even low budget web cameras)
- works with low-budget and high-budget eye-in-the-sky systems
- several working modes for each camera (separate settings)
- separate adjustment for each camera (resolution, framerate, color, brightness, etc.)
- monitoring
- recording
- motion detection
- motion detection recording
- access within home network
- access through internet (remote access)
- many other usefull features

MEC Video Surveillance is designed in such way that it can be stand alone unit or it can be configured within MEC Life, MEC Server, MEC Storage or any other MEC system thanks to MEC Systems within System Technology.

It can be installed within high profile or low profile MEC HTPC case, depending of hardware configuration and aesthetic demand.

Hardware configuration is always custom made and it is based on customers desires and needs.

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