MEC Storage

MEC Storage is specially designed PC system that combines cross-platform systems and multiple systems with secured and reliable data storage.

It is designed in such way that you can use it as Desktop PC, Multimedia PC, Server, NAS, PBX, Router/Firewall or all of the above (MEC Systems within System Technology).

Depending of your storage need it can contain 2 HHD in Raid 1 mode or 4 HDD in Raid 1+0 (a.k.a. Raid 10) mode (both modes with "Military Grade Encryption").

Since it has possibilities of installing multiple systems within basic/initial OS it is recommended to be used as Desktop/Server (Business) or Multimedia PC (Home) with integrated PBX/NAS systems. Such combination can provide multiple use of single PC system, while data is backed-up and secure from theft and loss.

It can be installed within high profile or low profile MEC HTPC case, depending of hardware configuration and aesthetic demand.

Hardware configuration is always custom made and it is based on customers desires and needs.

For detailed schematic click on the following LINK for PDF design.