MEC Server

MEC Server is professional server solution coming from our workshop designed and developed specially for all companies that want central data access, central Internet access and protection from viruses and unauthorized system access.

MEC Server can be used as:
- data server with controlled access right and protection from viruses
- print server
- e-mail server with anti-spam protection
- company's central directory
- intranet messaging system
- electronic cooperation server

MEC Server can also be used as:
- company's central Internet connection
- protection from malicious attacks and transfer security system
- web pages access accelerator
- protection from the unwanted Internet contents
- local network addresses server, phonebook service
- secure outside access via Internet (VPN)

Every MEC Server is configured according to the specific needs of the user and it is maximally adjusted to work processes and efficiency.

Upon such request, we can offer remote helpdesk and monitor as well as technical support and assitance.

Technical Specifications:
Intel Core 2 Quad (Q9400) (min.)
Ram 8 GB (min.)
Hdd 2x 1TB (Raid) (min.)
1GB Lan + Wlan
Wireless Keyboard + Touchpad
Linux Server x64 OS (Win. compatible)

Additional Software:
According to customers specific needs and desires.

Off-the-shelf Offer:
HP, IBM, Dell, Apple pre-configured servers
Additional storage server