MEC Philosophy

Green Technology
While developing MEC systems we have considered only recyclable components and energy efficient components. Besides having your household budget on our mind, we thought about our environment as well.

MEC systems are designed so that all you need to do is plug them into electricity. Similarly, all peripherals are working "out of the box" with no additional software installation. The only true Plug & Play system.

MEC systems truly include everything you need in just one system. Depending on your needs, we have conceptualized a complete solution for everyone.

Premium Production
MEC systems are assembled from components produced by world's best manufacturers. Our expert team has been carefully selecting each component keeping in mind the maximum efficiency in work performance as well as components' brand that guarantees quality and longevity.

Although we did not economize in the process of development of MEC systems, we were able to develop a highly impressive performance systems that will satisfy even the most demanding users, all at very affordable prices.

Free Software
During the development of MEC systems we decided to use free software. Besides being free it really works faster and better (more stable) than commercial, especially when it comes to 64-bit systems such as ours. Our contribution was careful selection of application and their implementation and systematization. Of course, we made ??sure that MEC systems are maximally compatible with commercial software.

Simplicity of Perfection
MEC systems are designed to give you ultimate pleasure with maximum ease.