MEC Mini

MEC Mini is our All-In-One solution based on Atom-Ion technology in complementation with open source software. This product is designed for users who want MEC quality in more compact and more favorable solution.

MEC Mini supports all audio-video digital forms. It can be used for local file/media sharing. It is equipped with 7.1 HD sound, HDMI output, and Full HD support (1080p).

This device has two working modes (same as MEC Life): Desktop and Multimedia (MCE) mode.

MEC Mini is normally delivered with DVD-RW device, but it is possible to upgrade it with Blue-Ray Combo device and digital tuner (USB DVB-T).

Technical Specifications:
Intel Atom 1.8GHz (Dual core)
Nvidia ION (HDMI, D-Sub)
2GB DDR2 800MHz
7.1 HD sound (S/PDIF)
GB-Lan + W-Lan
6x USB + E-Sata
Wireless Keyboard 9 Touchpad
Remote Controller

(W/H/D) 195mm x 70mm x 186mm

OS Compatibility:
Windows Vista/MCE x64, Windows 7 x64